"Relating to the Public"

PR Blog Summer 2010

Chapter One Reading Response May 27, 2010

Filed under: Reading Notes — melmomorris @ 1:13 AM

First, I must say I am super excited about taking Intro to PR this summer! It is my first PR class since I changed my major from Marketing to General Studies with concentrations in Marketing, Business, and PR. I’m loving it.
I have to say the first chapter of our reading was very interesting, which was a nice surprise. I found it really interesting how many different definitions they had of the term ‘Public Relations’. It can mean so many different things. I liked how they broke it down though to all include the same terms.

I also thought it was great to see the differences and similarities pointed out between public relations and marketing. This was of special interest to me because of just coming out of being a marketing major. Also the differences between journalism and advertising. The section towards the end of the chapter about all the different specific careers in public relations was very inspirational to me too! This first chapter really got me excited about the rest of the class! I am eager to learn more about this profession that I think is right for me. Bring it on Intro to PR!

TEXT: Public Relations Strategies and Tactics 9th edition Dennis L. Wilcox & Glen T. Cameron


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