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PR Connections #1 May 27, 2010

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Well after reading around other PR professional’s blogs this week I found a reoccurring theme. Social Media but more specifically they focused on Facebook. I found this so interesting and amazing on how much the social media has taken over even in branding for businesses. If your company has a chance of making it these days you MUST have a website, but now that is even morphing into you MUST have a Facebook page. They used to just have an option to ‘become a fan’ of a business or product on Facebook, but they have gotten sneaky. They now allow you to just ‘like’ a business or product like you would one of your friend’s statuses or wall posts. It seems like not such a big commitment to Facebook users to just ‘like’ something as opposed to ‘becoming a fan’ of it. Even if you JUST like the brand you are now linked to it through the crazy world of Facebook and get notices everytime they send out a promotion, post, or update something on your page….sneaky, sneaky. Where will the internet take us next?!


5 Responses to “PR Connections #1”

  1. cjenkins8 Says:

    I have to agree, facebook and the internet in general have gotten more creative or in your words sneaky. When I was doing a marketing internship, for a company that will remain nameless, They had a facebook account, a myspace account, twitter, blogs, an actual website, and linkedln. Its all designed to draw you in and get you to buy something. It is all about brand awareness and trying to figure out your target market. Yes you will be forced to become a fan or like something that you never heard of because it is all about getting their name out there.

    • melmomorris Says:

      I totally believe that working for this marketing company that they required you to have those accounts. I was the same way years ago. I loved facebook for keeping up with famiy and friends who lived so far away, but now it has totally turned into a secret marketing and advertising ploy for companies. I cannot even count how many emailed I get daily that are spam from something I have ‘liked’ or ‘become a fan’ of on facebook. It really makes me feel violated if I don’t sign up to recieve these emails from their company. I know it is a great tool for getting these companies names out there, but if other customers are anything like me, recieving 40 emails a day that I didn’t sign up for is a huge turnoff to me for that company. There has to be a better way to market their ideas, products, or services. Commercials on TV have even gotten out of hand! Just think how much time commercials take up during a 30 min TV show?! It is just insane!

  2. agreen134 Says:

    I completely agree, facebook is getting way too sneaky for its own good. I just recently liked a company and I swear every time I turn around I have update after update of information from them. One thing companies also are doing is if you “like” them then they get whatever e-mail you have on your facebook and start sending you e-mails as well. It is getting ridiculous how sneaky these companies and even people can be on social networking sites. I was thinking about deleting my facebook because of all these privacy issues going on but I feel now a day if you do not have a facebook or twitter then you are never in the loop of what is going on in the media world. I wish facebook would go back a few years to when it was just simple and all you did was comment and connect with your friends.

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