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Chapter Five Reading Notes June 25, 2010

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Chapter five focuses on research on the job and its importance. Boy is it important! This is involved as the groundwork of any public relations program. It is such an important process in any form of communication. The chapter continues by defining and explaining different types of research used in public relations. Secondary research is the first mentioned. Secondary research begins by doing archival research. This includes looking up things about a company in the library or online databases such as Google, yahoo, or MSN. The next type of research they describe is qualitative research which gains insights into how individuals behave, think, and make decisions. Then the chapter turns to quantitative research which uses random sampling to gain statistical data. The last research method they focus on is questionnaire construction. This is basically all the steps that go into creating an effective questionnaire, and choosing a correct sample size for the issue.

TEXT: Public Relations Strategies and Tactics 9th edition Dennis L. Wilcox & Glen T. Cameron

Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics, Ninth Edition



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