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TOW Week 5 June 25, 2010

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If I had to describe my one week of Twitter in one word it would be confusing. Instead of one word though I must use at least three hundred so here we go. 🙂 I have to admit, starting this assignment I was a rookie to the Twitter world. I had created an account two semesters ago to see what was going on with Twitter and the election in Iran. I was writing a paper on it and decided to do a little research by creating an account and trying to find my way around the site. I found it very confusing compared to other social networking sites. I classify myself as kind of a ‘computery’ (my way of saying computer literate) person with my Dad and older brother both being computer geeks, I have picked up a few things here or there, but Twitter I just didn’t get. After creating my account for that I didn’t get back on until MJ died last June. Then literally the first time since then that I signed on to my account was for this class. I found a ton of my contacts had a twitter account so I added them to be ‘followed’ but I just don’t see the point. After following you and some other PR professionals I see the attraction of posting links to videos and articles, but that is really it. I did my assignment and think it is truly neat and cool that we have these social networking sites to also do business networking on, but Twitter I don’t get. I have many many friends and family who are completely addicted to it and swear by it, but I can’t find one of them to give me a convincing reason why! If anyone has one please comment here and help me figure out this mystery called Twitter! I don’t get it and I don’t like to be left out!!!! 😦


7 Responses to “TOW Week 5”

  1. How did I find your blog and come to leave a comment? Because I heard of you via Twitter.

    If we only need to talk to people we already know (ie our friends) then Facebook gives us all we need. But if we need to extend our reach and our relationships (ie do public relations), then Twitter’s a very useful addition to your toolkit.

    • melmomorris Says:

      Richard, great point. After posting this I have had many great points brought to my attention about the importance of Tweeting 🙂 I did help you find my blog and it does connect the world in a matter of seconds. This including the business world. Which is a mucho important aspect in networking especially for the wonderful world of public relations. I agree with you. Twitter in my mind should be used as more of a business tool and Facebook should be kept more ‘social’ instead of more business focused. This would really help with the distinction betweent the two. If I’m on Twitter doing business or work, I’m not interested in what whomever ate for dinner that night! 🙂 Thanks for your insight though, and again, very glad you found me through Twitter! 🙂

  2. Savannah Red Says:

    Twitter is the absolute fastest way to find out about local (even hyper local) news, events, gossip, rumor, etc. My good friends were involved in a fatal car crash last summer and I had up to the minute news on their health, etc. within minutes of the crash from Twitter–hours before news outlets got to it.

    Same thing with your personal interests–subscribe to what you like (like zombies or NFL or craft beer, etc.) and you get the latest, soonest. Not to mention the “instant” community that is built over an event (like the South Carolina World Series win last night or World Cup) of like-minded people all over the GLOBE.

    Other than all of that, Twitter is pretty stupid. 🙂

  3. Craig Says:

    Truly i had a hard time figuring out twitter as a tool until i started using hootsuite as my primary twitter client. once I did that i could set up lists to follow people in my profession(sql/IT management) which help keep me up to date on on going trends,tools and news.

    I also follow local people by watching the lkld and lakeland hashtags, this is fun by keeping me “in the loop” as well as giving me a local presence. One of the most interesting things i have learned with twitter is how engaged my local community is and it gives me the ability to help random folks out.

    Then there are the artists that just add to my day. Random musing by different twitter poets and intellectuals just get me thinking and are interesting diversions from every day internet minutia.

    The main take away is this=- Twitter gives back as much as you put in. If you follow a bunch of folks that dont have interesting things to say or you arnt interested in then it will be difficult to get back a good return ion time investment. But if you get engaged, add to conversations on topics you know about and follow folks that are cool and interesting to you then it becomes something much more than a diversion.

    I love twitter and what it can be. But each user decides what they will get out of it.

  4. adampcoulter Says:

    I would just briefly add this in defense of Twitters’ inherent value:

    First, I agree w/ points that all three of the previous commenters postulated. In any profession, and especially in communications-based ones there is myriad advantages to keeping up with and learning about new industry trends, news, current events and people’s ideas that may be different from your own – and Twitter is excellent for this. But like Craig said you have to be proactive and find/follow and then engage with those people that interest you.

    Then on a related note, because we are constantly inundated with information (e.g. the 24/7 news cycle) I think that Twitter, and if you are discerning and proactive, the people that you follow and vice versa, will offer you nuggets that cut through this noise and glut and make you a more informed and versatile student/professional.

    Also, everything I offered could be applied not just to a career but just for the betterment of self. Hope this helps!

  5. cjenkins8 Says:


    Sorry I can’t help you but I just want to say I know exactly how you feel. I didn’t get a Twitter account until this class. I was super confused. I was probably boring my followers because I have no idea what to say. Nothing important goes on in my life to be tweeting. I was like what am I suppose to tweet; “Christen is sitting in the den watching Vampire diaries and Supernatural?” I was lost. Now, I sort of get it. I enjoy following people, companies, and organizations but as far as my followers go, I have no idea what to tell them.

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