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TOW Week 6 June 25, 2010

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Before reading the chapter this week I knew how important crisis communication is especially in the job of public relations, but after reading this chapter I realize how MUCHO important it truly is. I really like the checklist the book gave you for how to communicate during a crisis. First they state that you should put the public first. You need to feel what they are feeling and understand their need for understanding of what is going on. They need to be up to date with the latest updates. You should always be honest. You don’t want to mislead the public or obscure the facts on any issues that you are presenting to the public in a crisis. What if you were in their shoes? You would want to know what was going on as soon as you could. If the crisis is an organizations responsibility then they need to step up and take responsibility publicly. You should designate a single spokesperson to relay news to the public and should never say ‘No Comment”. When an organization or person says that it looks like they are guilty of a wrongdoing. You also need to talk with key and higher up publics, and monitor the news coverage and telephone interviews. You want to do this to try to give a constant flow of information. If you go to long with out an update, the fact that the organization is trying to ‘cover something up’ becomes the headline and not the real story.  Out of all of these the one that means the most and sticks out to me is the be honest rule. This is such a huge one and goes back to the ethics discussion also, don’t ever just do or say something if it’s not true to help out the company you work for. This will be the end of your PR career. Be truthful and honest and think about how you present things to the public and you will be successful and seen as creditable to the public and other professionals.

More info: http://www.coursesmart.com/9780205646869/263

TEXT: Public Relations Strategies and Tactics 9th edition Dennis L. Wilcox & Glen T. Cameron

Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics, Ninth Edition



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