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Chapter 14 Reading Notes July 12, 2010

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This chapter was one of the most interesting to me. I just finished up with Journalism in A term and we discussed almost the same chapter on news releases. These are very important for PR professionals. News releases are how you get your views out to the media and audience! Most of these are sent with publicity photos to make them more appealing and interesting to the reader so they will pick up your story. PR firms also send out fact sheets to give a quick overview of a story before they send the full news release to let them know it is coming. Sometimes these are also called media advisories. Pitch letters follow the same idea. They are sent to media to let them know of an upcoming story to see if they are interested. The Media kits are a compilation of all of these and normal include one of everything and it is the last information they receive before the story is published. These can be sent many ways by mail, fax, email, and other ways. Nowadays most are sent electronically since that is the fastest way to send info in our present day!

TEXT: Public Relations Strategies and Tactics 9th edition Dennis L. Wilcox & Glen T. Cameron

Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics, Ninth Edition



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