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PR Connections 4 July 12, 2010

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I just recently got engaged and I have to say that I see so many similarities between wedding planners and public relation professionals. Wedding planners are not dealing with a company, but they do contract themselves out to individuals. When signing a contract with a client they then act as the client’s liaison between all the companies the bride deals with. My wedding planner has been a life saver, especially since we are planning a wedding in six months instead of the normal timeframe of a year or more. She has been my contact through the whole process so far and has made things so easy. She attends every meeting we have with us for each vendor we are using. She was such a major help dealing with the florist, caterer, the owners of the venue, the photographer, and the baker. Even though we have just started she has been amazing. I can only imagine how much more valuable she will become as the big day gets closer! I found this very interesting while taking this class to see that public relations is even involved in event and wedding planning! It is very neat to see all the different aspects or directions you can go in this field! šŸ™‚


One Response to “PR Connections 4”

  1. brooksgsu Says:

    Congratulations on your engagement!

    My sister, who is a public relations professional herself, is also engaged and I can definitely see some of her work attributes coming through in her with regards to her wedding planning. She and her fiance are doing most of the planning themselves (in conjuction with our parents and his of course), so they didn’t hire a wedding planner, but I definitely agree with you on the similarities between the qualities required for each job.

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