"Relating to the Public"

PR Blog Summer 2010

TOW Week 4 July 12, 2010

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Wow. I found both of these interviews to be very informative! The first one with Martin Waxman, president and co-founder of Palette Public Relations Inc., was very interesting. I also liked hearing about his side business of greeting cards with seeds to plant. What a great idea. Nothing to do with public relations, but a very cool project. It was interesting to hear him say even after being in the business for a while that not only do people need to know the basics of public relations, but now also all the aspects of social media. He says as far as his social media goes he likes to have podcasts. He blogs also, but the podcasts were his favorite way to break into the social networking world! Waxman owns his own private firm and has clients such as Herbal Essences and Proctor and Gamble, which really impressed me! His three pillars his company is known for are simplicity, energy, and integrity.

The second interview was with Kneale Mann. His blog is ‘One Man’s Opinion’, http://onemann.blogspot.com/said it was hard for him to start. He refers to Twitter as ‘micro blogging policy for his clients companies. His advice on starting a blog was to write the ending first, then the middle or body, and then finish with the beginning. He also advises to find something that interests you. Mann said that he just started writing and the blog post usually takes form. You shouldn’t have to look for an audience for your blog either. Once you have posted a few blogs and gotten your name out their your audience should find you. Most people want instant results he said after creating a blog on a certain subject, but you must get your name out there also. He stresses what a great idea it is to comment on other people’s blogs to get them in return to see the comment and then read yours. This will help your blog grow and you will automatically find a following.


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