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TOW Week 8 July 12, 2010

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This is a very interesting topic for me this week because I just finished Intro to Journalism in A term. One entire chapter was on producing news releases for different media outlets. The following are a few pointers I learned from the class for specific Public Relations writing.

– Find your focus, and use this statement as a headline or guide for your lead.

– Consider visuals in your package to make it more appealing.

– Write a fact sheet as a quick reference guide that provide crucial facts about your organization and your story.

– ALWAYS include contact information of the main contact , when the info can be released , and when the release was written.

The major elements in this order are common and most accepted in news releases:

1) Company Name and Logo

2) Date of Release

3) Contact Information

4) Headline


6) Lead

7) Body

8) Ending

* ALWAYS make sure to check spelling and style, allow plenty of ‘lead time’ (or sending it far enough in advance), and make sure your release is targeting your audience.

*Most publications or media outlets prefer a media kit including all the things mentioned above all though some may request news releases my fax or email. Make sure you know which publication prefers which method.

Sources: Writing & Reporting News: A Coaching Methodhttp://www.cengage.com/search/productOverview.do?N=+16&Ntk=P_Isbn13&Ntt=9780495004233



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