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PR Blog Summer 2010

TOW Week 9 :) July 12, 2010

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Well, I have to start out by saying this was my first attempt at a blog, and hopefully it has gone well! So I will give some pointers that I have tried to use to help myself out! 🙂

1) DON’T get behind!!! It is much easier to keep up with things weekly than getting distracted with 16 other hours of class in the summer and waiting until it takes hours to catch up 😦

2) Don’t take 16 hours in the summer!!! (Refer to rule number 1) Ha!

3) Enjoy it! Write about things that interest you and it is much more fun.

4) Comment, Comment,  Comment on other people’s blogs! It brings them over to your’s and they can give you opinions about what you are writing about also.

5) I think another pointer would be to have a professional blog for networking purposes, but also a more personal blog for family and friends to keep up with you also. My sis in law and brother have one and it truly is a modern-day diary. We don’t get to see them much (or their three little munchkins) and it keeps us up to date with what’s going on with them.

6) Also, use it for networking!!!!! I have met some wonderful people online through this class, my blog, and Twitter that have given me great personal advice for my future and which way I may want to go with my career.

7) Don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you don’t ask you will never find out!

8) Really listen and soak in what Professor Nixon has to say and her advice. From what I can tell she is a very well-respected and very well-known person in the virtual world of PR and definitely knows how to help you succeed! 🙂

9) Keep up with current events and incorporate them into your posts. This is interesting to others and let’s people know you are educated enough to know what is going on in the world.

10) Read other people’s blogs….most you can really learn a lot from and most love that you’re a student wanting advice from them!


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