"Relating to the Public"

PR Blog Summer 2010

TOW #1 August 30, 2010

Filed under: Topic of the Week PR Writing — melmomorris @ 9:07 PM

I currently participate in many forms of social media. About six years ago was when I first got into the whole social networking on the internet by creating my first MySpace page. It, of course, was not for professional use by any means and was just a way for me to keep in touch with my friends that lived far away. I haven’t updated that page in years! I need to go and delete it. Now I am big into Facebook which has become an even bigger social networking site for keeping up with others. I use it mainly for social purposes and not for professional networking. I have considered after I graduate (or the semester before I graduate) setting up one for professional contacts to see my resume and not my nieces and nephews! After having Professor Nixon for Intro to PR and now PR writing, I have started using WordPress and also Twitter (but didn’t stay active on there) I have a feeling though I might be using Twitter again in the near future for this class also.  I think that all of these sites and ways to ‘social network’ are wonderful and keep people much more connected to what is going on, but it does scare me for some reasons. The number one concern I have is security. Most people don’t realize that whatever you put on the internet is out there for all to see, even if you have selected it to be ‘private’, people can still find it and access your information. So it has its pros and cons, but as it grows more and more each day I worry about identity theft and people loosing their privacy. I have an app on my new HTC phone that with the GPS location turned on can locate me on a satellite all the way down to which side of my house I’m in and will give you a street view (real pic) of where I am. Neato……or creepy?!


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