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PR Connections #1 August 31, 2010

Filed under: PR Connections PR Writing — melmomorris @ 1:44 AM

Ok, so this first one doesn’t just focus primarly on PR, but it kind of does in a way. Someone had to make the video and market the resort in the video. This is one I found on youtube for the resort we are going to for our honeymoon. YAY! I think this would be a super neat job…to make these for different companies. This one is obviously for a timeshare company RCI Timeshares. Check it out. Mucho cool….



3 Responses to “PR Connections #1”

  1. agreen134 Says:

    I really enjoyed this video, especially since I am a recreation and tourism major. I am assuming you must be engaged, since you said you are going here for you honeymoon? 🙂 You definitely picked a good resort, I stayed in Cancun for a summer and it was a blast but times have gotten a little rougher with the locals so make sure you guys mostly stay at your resort and close by for safety reasons. This was a great video to promote the resort and they used great pictures and music to draw the viewer in. I definitely believe in video marketing techniques to attract customers. I hope you guys have a blast on your honeymoon and congrats!

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  3. stefmar Says:

    Like Amy, I am also a Recreation & Tourism major so this video definitely caught my eye. I have never been to Cancun, but have always wanted to go…so if you go to Sun Palace please enjoy it extra for me! hah. Once I graduate I would like to do events at a resort area like Sun Palace, so this video was a great marketing tool on their behalf not only to get visitors but also potential employees. Thank you for sharing this!

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