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TOW #2 August 31, 2010

Filed under: Topic of the Week PR Writing — melmomorris @ 1:36 AM

First I must say, this might be my favorite new website!! I love it! I have always had issues with all kinds of things that she covers on her awesome website. The post I am focusing on today caught my eye because it truly has changed throughout the years as what she calls ‘taboo’ and what isn’t. In her post about Swearing in Writing she discusses how through different time periods different words or phrases are offensive for different meanings. It has been more of a hot topic lately, as she states, because the FCC has dropped its standards and rules for using cuss words on the radio and TV. Now words that our grandmothers pass out over if they hear out loud are becoming common in everyday conversation and normal  to use in writing for younger generations. Is this ok? What is next if all of this is ok now? She very boldly mentions the movie that just came out in May of this year ‘KickAss’ and how just the name of the movie is unheard of, but more than that, the language used in the movie is insane!! I have not seen the movie and doubt I will after hearing this, but she says one of the female actors uses the c word in the movie! That’s just absurd and uncalled for….why would I pay to help promote that kind of language? I know some people may not think it is that big of a deal, but call me old-fashioned that word still makes me blush and get uncomfortable even after growing up where she mentions the words ‘hell’ and ‘damn’ are now socially acceptable. I do not think any of these words should be used in professional writing for sure, a movie that I have the option to see or not see, whatever, but I sure hope that in a professional community these words that are just used as words for emotion or hurt are never ‘acceptable’ in professional business writings or practices. I will now step off my soapbox…. 🙂



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