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TOW Week 3 September 6, 2010

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The subject for our class this week is why blog comments are such important parts of blogs. Blogs are people’s way to express their opinions or ideas professionally or personally. Most of the time people are not going to put anything out on the internet that they do not what anyone to read. So the flip side of this would be that the authors of these blogs would compose these posts to be read and enjoyed by others. After reading the author’s opinion or idea they want to hear the responses of their blog post followers have to offer. This is the only true way to have a successful blog. Anything that you write or post, you are wanting to hear back some sort of response if for no other reason than just to know that someone is reading it! If it is on a serious issue you need advice on then feedback from other readers is very important. They can help you answer the question you are asking or help you come up with a solution to a problem. I have not had a ton of experience with blogs and people commenting to my semi interesting posts 🙂 but, most of them are positive and only every now and then will you get someone who replies to a post with a negative tone. When writing a blog though, you should not be offended by this. You are voluntarily putting yourself and your ideas out there for others to read and form opinions about. So how could you possibly be upset if not everyone that reads your blog agrees with everything you say? That’s absurd and that is what life is all about you and other people’s responses to what you think. Without differing opinions how boring would life be?! So next time you read a blog post, whether you disagree or agree with the content, leave your comment for the author. This is what they want to hear. What would blogs be without blog comments?! Boring.


2 Responses to “TOW Week 3”

  1. Brianna W Says:

    I agree comments make the blog. I had a blog for my ENGL 1102 class last year. I kept up with the blog, and always wrote my posts thoroughly and on time. However, I did not get a single comment. I just did not understand why I could not just turn in a research paper. The blog seemed absolutely pointless. Then for the intro PR class over the summer, I had to once again create a blog. I was very skeptical that once again no one would comment. But with in the first week people had commented on my blog. I even had over 30 viewers within the first week. It was a good feeling. Blogging really is about communication. No communication will occur if people are not commenting on blog posts.

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