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PR Writing TOW Week 4 September 21, 2010

Filed under: Topic of the Week PR Writing — melmomorris @ 8:59 PM

This week we took an online course that Professor Nixon recommended (and required) that we take for her PR writing course. It is an online site called News U Cleaning your Copy Course . It focuses on four main topics in the course, grammar, AP style, punctuation, and spelling. First off let me say that I am an older student and I’m returning back to school after a 3 year break of working in the real world. I have written proposals and newsletters for my previous employers and always thought I did a pretty good job of writing all of these publications. Of course, I always had our outsourced publishing firm proof them before they were sent out to the public or printed up. Boy did I miss a few things obviously! This course kicked my tush! I made A’s in both of my english classes while writing papers also, either things have changed, I got away with a lot, or I have forgotten it all! This course really helped me refresh or teach (whichever it is!) all the incorrect things I have been writing! It was time-consuming but in the long run really helped me out a lot. I also have never really written in AP style until last semester when I had intro to journalism. The rules are so crazy! That is my opinion of course, but I guess in the world of PR writing and journalism it is important for it to be formated all the same way for faster and easier printing purposes. It just blows my mind how detailed it is. Needless to say I learned a lot and also learned that my AP handbook is now my best friend for writing correctly from now on! Thanks NewsU for helping an old lady out! 🙂


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