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PR Connections PR Writing #3 September 22, 2010

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Smirnoff is brilliant. They have come up with by far the best marketing idea/PR stunt for a product that, well let’s face it, pretty much failed when it was first introduced to the market. Smirnoff Ice was first introduced in May 2007, according to Wikipedia, as an alternative to beer by the company, but did not present the results the company desired. Now over 3 years later…..the sales of Smirnoff Ice have skyrocketed all from a ‘game’ that has become popular all over the country. Check out the story that really explains it all….brilliant!!! 🙂



7 Responses to “PR Connections PR Writing #3”

  1. Linda Irene Says:

    Wow! This story really shows me how far out of the loop I am. I would not have had any idea what to do in case of “icing,” and had no idea there was an associated game. I found your article to be very interesting and informative. Does anyone really know what Smirnoff Ice is? It doesn’t taste anything like beer. To me it tastes lemony–but what do I know, I had it with dinner and thought it was refreshing. But, I agree, whoever did the public relations and marketing for this product was thinking outside of the box. Seems as if Smirnoff got their moneys worth!

  2. […] Source; CNNmoney, melmomorris […]

  3. I think its so funny that you thought of this! How many times have you walked into a bar or been a party, this year alone, and seen people being “iced?” Not only that, but there is even a website dedicated to those who have been “iced.” Smirnoff did create a great marketing scheme to gain attention and increase sales, however, its hard to tell how long this will actually last. It seems as though the fun is already beginning to fade out so I’m just curious to see what they will come up with next.

  4. caitbaileyy Says:

    Icing people has been all the craze lately! I think that this was an awesome idea to boost Smirnoff’s sales. I have never seen anyone drink Smirnoff Ice since I have been in college until guys starting “icing” each other pretty much any time and any place. I personally think it is hilarious and has been a successful promotional campaign for Smirnoff. I love when companies figure out creative ways to market thier products now they just have to figure out a way to continue an increase in thier sales. Hopefully “icing” people doesn’t slow down any time soon!

  5. natbaldwin Says:

    Wow!! Who would’ve ever thought?! Well, I did not think or ever think someone would do this. It is great! Smirnoff is good but not beer. Smirnoff went all out by creating this. Mo’ money mo’ money mo’ money is all they are singing right now. When will I hear about this outside of blogs. Great marketing idea for sure though. Smirnoff does keep coming out with different types of flavors. They do taste like soda, especially the pineapple smirnoff tastes exactly like a pineapple fanta..ahhhh refreshed. I have friends who buy the variety pack so I’m sure we can play the game too.

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