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PR Writing TOW Week 5 September 22, 2010

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This week we talked about legal issues with writing. One of the main topics was plagiarism. This is also a huge topic and problem found in many schools and universities with students turning in someone elses work as their own. There are now websites that teachers can use that scan the document and look for similarities in paragraphs and sentences, but I digress. We are talking about writing for PR purposes and how to avoid legal issues for that type of publication and especially plagiarism. The authors talk about how copyright infringement and plagiarism are two different things, but very closely related. plagiarism is using someone else’s information without citing the source or trying to pass it off as your own. Copyright infringement is when you cite the source of the information you used in your writing, but did not get permission to publish the material in your work. One good way to be sure you are not accused of plagiarism is never to copy and paste from an article online. That way you will know everything you type is your own words. The book states that if there is something exceptional from someone else’s research that you want to include word for word in your article or story just be sure to put it in quotations and give the author of the words the correct attribution. plagiarism is not handled lightly in college situations or real life. In college the consequence is normally a failing grade or getting kicked out of school and in real life if you are caught or accused of plagiarism then you are most likely to get fired or have charges brought against you. plagiarism is no joke!


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