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PR Connections PR Writing 6 October 21, 2010

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Talk about a FUN place to work…check this office out! 🙂



4 Responses to “PR Connections PR Writing 6”

  1. OMG! I LOVE SCRABBLE! I am such a dork- I have always liked word games/puzzles and Scrabble is definitely one of my top favorite board games of all time! I would love to have a giant Scrabble board- especially at work! I think that providing employees with a work-related “fun” activity to get their minds jogging is a great idea! I know that whenever I take breaks from my long research papers, I always go online to Yahoo games to play “Literati” which is just like Scrabble. Taking yourself away from the work place, but still having to use those brainstorming skills in a word-related way, would help me take the edge off for a little bit, but when I got back to work, I was able to better recall synonyms for common words, because I had just been practicing forming words and thinking of word-choice possibilities. I think this more recent trend of interactive “fun” offices is a really smart way to encourage creativity among staff and allow employees to bond!

  2. Kison Turner Says:

    That’s really cool. I too am a fan of scrabble. I hate myself when the word that I’m looking for doesn’t come to mind and I have to settle with something typical. It seems to me that if you limit conversation to only a few choice words, and don’t expand your vocabulary, you will inevitably limit your thoughts to those words. Eventually, those words will do your thinking for you. Such is the mind of a vulgar tongue.

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  4. agreen134 Says:

    I think it is awesome that this company is trying to make it a little more enjoyable for people to come to work. Employees need a place to go when they are on their breaks in which they can clear their heads and have a little fun while at work. My dads company is in the middle of downtown Cincinnati and his company built a park on top of their building. There is very little green space for him and his fellow employees to escape to so they built and area with trees, benches, and flowers in which they can escape to and get a little fresh air. I hope more companies such as these establish areas in which their employees can take a little break from their hectic work days and relax.

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