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Reading Notes PR Writing Week 7 October 21, 2010

Filed under: Reading Notes PR Writing — melmomorris @ 12:53 AM

Chapter 7 and our reading for this week was about creating news features and Op-Ed. It discussed how to plan for your feature story, and the different types, (Case Study, Application Story, Research Study, Backgrounder,Personality Profile, Historical Piece) Then they defined the different parts of the feature such as:

-The Headline

-The Lead

-The Body

-The Summary

-Photos and Graphics

and then told you different places to have the published like a newspaper, general magazines, specialty/trade magazines, and internal publications. The authors then tell us how to write an Op-Ed, which means opposite of the editorial page. It shows a topic in a different view. These are seen in letters to the editor and are usually less than 200 words to be published.


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