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TOW PR Writing Week 6 October 21, 2010

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What makes a story newsworthy? This is the topic of our week six discussion topic. I think there are many different things that can classify a story as ‘newsworthy’. One is does it interest anyone? If there is nobody who cares about the subject then who will read it? You want to make sure you select a topic that people are involved in and that they would take interest in reading about to find out more on the subject. Timing of releasing a story is also very important. If you release a story too far after it actually happened then no one is going to be interested in what happened a month ago because they have probably already heard, or just don’t care about it anymore. Significance is important. If you cover a 16 car pile up it affects a lot more people than the two car fender bender in your neighborhood this morning. Proximity is also important. People will be more interested in a story that happened closer to them than something that happened in France unless it is about a common belief. Prominence is another factor. If you trip and break your leg, it most likely won’t be published. If the President fell and broke his leg it would be all over the papers and news the next day. Human interest stories almost break all the rules I have stated before. Human interest stories focus on human emotion than these other factors. They are stories that either evoke amusement or sadness. A lot of newspapers have a certain section devoted to these types of articles and stories. News shows also try to use these happy human interest stories at the end of their newscasts to leave people on a happy note at the end of the news program. All of these help classify different stories as newsworthy. 🙂


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