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TOW PR Writing Week 7 October 21, 2010

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Oh Twitter. šŸ™‚ This was my second week of Twitter unlike most people in our class. I had Professor Nixon last semester for my intro to PR course and we also did a week of Twitter. I really can’t get into it. (Don’t be mad Prof. Nixon!! šŸ™‚ ) I don’t know what it is. I like the fact that you can connect to a lot of professionals and get good tips from them. I see that aspect of it, but I just feel like it is Facebook with just status updates and nothing else. Does anybody else agree? There is nothing worse to me also than pointless things to take up more of my time. Also the fact that most people are not using it as a true professional networking tool and post crazy, pointless updates like, “I’m going to workout” or “I just ate Taco Bell” I mean really?! I don’t care about that. As far as people who do use it the correct and professional way I do see how it can be a very useful tool to share information and keep up to date on things worldwide. I think celebritiesĀ have taken it to a new level though. I also think that a ton of people who have a Twitter account just get them to follow their favoriteĀ celebrity’s tweets. It is crazy as I am writing this E! News is on in the background and they are talking about how the contestantsĀ on Dancing with the Stars are tweeting to their fans to get more votes and stay on the show longer!! What?! Are you serious? They are discussing if that can be classified as cheating. I think that side of the Twitter epidemicĀ has gotten completely out of hand. If it is only used for professional use I completely understand it. The other part I just don’t get, even after my two weeks of Twitter. šŸ™‚


One Response to “TOW PR Writing Week 7”

  1. Victoria Says:

    I totally understand how twitter can be difficult to get into. It kinda is, but there is a trick to adopting it into your lifestyle. You just have to motivate yourself to check it regularly until it becomes a habit. Because honestly, you really need this for your PR profession. I know I do. It seems pointless at first, but keep pushing through it and spending more time on it. Before you know it, you will be hooked on twitter.

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