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PR Connections PR Writing 8 December 1, 2010

Filed under: PR Connections PR Writing — melmomorris @ 12:07 AM

Planning a wedding has opened my eyes to a number of helpful websites. This one, the knot,  is very well-known for many brides to be. Especially with helping them set up their own wedding website with a wonderfully easy webpage builder. Check mine out! 🙂 18 days!!!



2 Responses to “PR Connections PR Writing 8”

  1. Cait Bailey Says:

    Can’t imagine how you are staying sane right now. Planning a wedding seems like such an overwhelming process and I had no idea how soon yours was coming up – 11 days, wow! At least websites like theknot help you stay organized not only for your guests, but yourselves as well. Couldn’t be happier for you and Ryan, hope your big day is everything you dreamed of. Congratulations once again Melissa!

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