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Blog Comments May 27, 2010

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Facebook makes it easier to interact with brands

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May 27, 2010

This is very interesting to me. I do find myself ‘liking’ things a lot more than if I had to ‘become a fan’ of a company or brand’s page. It is amazing to me how much influence Twitter and Facebook now have on promoting and advertising businesses. I have a friend who is a music producer and almost got charged with reckless endangerment for not ‘tweeting’ fast enough that one of his clients concerts had been canceled. That is insane that you can get arrested for not doing or posting something about your business soon enough on social media sites now. How far will it go? Should there be a limit for companies or individuals? Oh where the internet will take us….hang on for a crazy ride folks! 🙂


Facebook’s ‘Aha!’ Moment

May 27, 2010

Facebook and Twitter totally baffle me with all of there ways that people are truly ‘addicted’ to their websites. I have to admit I’m not a Twitter fan, but a huge Facebookie! It started out as a great way to keep in touch with everyone (family and friends) that I had lost touch with after college or high school, but then turned into a slight obsession. I always have to log in now to check and see what I have missed (sometimes just after an hour has passed) when checking my email. The fact that I just recently joined the age of technology and got a blackberry doesn’t help my addiction to this social media site. Now as if I didn’t check it enough before, I get alerts on my cell phone when anybody does anything to my page! I do remember however what you are referencing….when I first started my account I remember not wanting to fill everything out and get it all set up. After that was out of the way though and I had about 100 friends….my aha moment happened. Now I’m stuck. I always thought it was kind of shady also how they are always ‘suggesting’ friends and things for you to ‘become a fan of’ or ‘like’…..then your right your aha moment becomes one of total oh no!


A different way to land your dream social media job…

May 27, 2010

Wow….what a novel idea. I am a junior and will be graduating next year and hopefully finding a job soon there after. This post really hit home with me. What an easy idea to really get connected. Instead of studying all the areas of social media and what they are, you should actually dive in and get your feet wet. Meet people through blogging about what you are interested in working in. Network with them, learn more from them, and go from there! Great advice Adam! Thanks. This has really helped light a fire under me, which never hurts. Keep the great advice coming. 🙂


TOW week 5: What’s the deal with Twitter?

June 25 th 2010

I have to agree with ya….I don’t get it either. I didn’t have the same problem of not having friends or family with accounts, but even though they had them I just have trouble seeing the point. I see like you said that news stations and things like that use them to stay updated on topics, but why do individual people have accounts? I actually created mine a few semesters ago to find out what was going on with the election in Iran when people were posting about the political corruption and all that was taking place with the election. I don’t see the plus of it being used as a social networking site. I feel like it is just a glorified facebook status update constantly. Like I said on my post about Twitter, I can’t find one person who can give me a solid reason why we should use it? Can you give me one? :)


Topic of Week 5: Twitter


June 25, 2010

Allie, I’m the same way! I had never used Twitter really before this class. I created an account a few semesters ago to poke around and see what it was about and do research on the Iran election but that was it. After being required to follow Professor Nixon for a week and then post 20 tweets about something with ‘substance’ I was so lost. I feel like I have learned a little more about it since the week is over but still don’t understand the concept of it. It does seem to have a more professional tone to it. I’m not sure if that is because we did the assignment for this class and I’m following more professional people or if that is what Twitter is….more geared towards businesses? Who knows! I’m learning a ton from this online class including blogging! What’s next?! :)


Chapter 13: New Technologies in P.R.


June 25, 2010

All this new technology is awesome and amazing and makes life a lot easier, but it kind of scares me in a way also. Experts say that we haven’t even seen all that the internet can do yet…what’s next?! I think it’s pretty crazy how much it can do now. What could it possible do that it doesn’t already do now? I feel as if we may still need workers to run the computers but it is cutting down on the face to face aspect of business and all together the total number of actual human interactions you have while doing business or socializing for that matter. Think about how much time you spend on the computer and social networking sites for reasons other than business or school….it’s a crazy number I’m sure. I wonder what the future holds for later generations? Will all of their classes be online? Will they never have to leave the house? Kinda scary to think about!!!


http://jessicahdennis.wordpress.com/2010/06/12/mccain-and-snooki-bff/#respond […]

June 25, 2010

HA!!!! I love this! Made me laugh out loud. Do people really have time to worry about tanning bed taxes and responding to Snooki’s hurt feelings?!!! Holy crap, get a life to all three of them, McCain for taking the time to respond, Snooki for being a tv star and took broke to keep her orange hue, and Obama for ignoring other problems in the world and signing a bill that put a ten percent tax on indoor tanning! Really America?! It’s just embarrassing (but entertaining) to read things about stuff like this. I mean is this really what’s going on in politics? Snooki’s woes? Think there are bigger problems guys, maybe the oil spill for starters. Kinda makes you worry about the future of our country…..scary! :)


PR Connections-want a hotel upgrade?


June 25, 2010

Awesome post!!! I worked in the world of hospitality and tourism for a few years and can tell you just listening makes a world of difference. This really interests me that now properties are actually reading reviews on these networking sites and taking them to heart. Even while he was still in the hotel they went and upgraded him. That’s impressive. That really makes me want to start doing this also when I travel. Awesome news about the taxi too! So glad to hear that these networking sites have a real purpose too. I was starting to wonder there for a moment. Always good to hear positive reinforcement! Great and interesting post. Have a blast on your trip and let me know if you get anything else comped or free by using this way of informing! Really cool…..


TOW #5- A Week of Twitter.


June 25, 2010

Hey Ryan! Hope your summer is still going great (even though I know you’re super sad we no longer have our 2:00 class together everyday in A term!) :) Kidding, don’t miss that at all! Ha! I have to agree with your first impression of Twitter. I wasn’t excited about it and still don’t really get the point of it all, but I agree that I found myself following more professional people and celebrities that I was interested in instead of close friends and family. I have commented on a few more blogs and written this question in my blog post about Twitter and hopefully you have an answer for me. I can’t find one person to give me a SOLID GOOD reason for Twitter. Got any? I get the fact that the news and celebrity updates are cool, but I think this is just for entertainment, but lacks the luster of MySpace or Facebook….what do you think???


PR Connections

June 25, 2010

Lordy mercy!!! Is he ok? I hope people commented, but yes I agree with you that is a sick way to get attention, but I know many people that their social life has taken a major hit because of a facebook or myspace addiction, or because of an online game. I have two younger cousins that I am truly worried about. One plays the game WoW (World of Warcraft….I think is what it’s called) and he can play with his friends while they are online at their home computers and he is stuck in front of this thing constantly! He will stay up late into the night glued to his computer screen, go to school and then come home and just jump right back on it. Crazy. My other cousin loves the game The Sims. He’s always been kind of socially awkward but now plays this game 24/7 where he is a made up person living in a fake world. This can’t be healthy!!! What is the world coming too?! What will happen in the future? I’m afraid everything will end up being online and we will never have to leave our houses and interact with other humans….talk about a generation of social awkward kids!!! Whew….who knows what the future holds!


Interview with a PR Professional


July 11, 2010

Thanks Casey! It is a new facility out Westside Road near Bulloch Academy School. My best friend just got married there last night and I just got engaged a month ago and I am planning on doing our reception there also in December. Mandy, whos family started the facility are here from Statesboro also. So if you are looking for a place to have an event give us a call! I’m not very sure about Northland Cable working with Cox. I have friends that work here in town at Northland Cable and I know that they produce a lot of thier own commercials so I’m not very positive if they work with them or not.



July 11, 2010

PR Connections 1

I totally believe that working for this marketing company that they required you to have those accounts. I was the same way years ago. I loved facebook for keeping up with famiy and friends who lived so far away, but now it has totally turned into a secret marketing and advertising ploy for companies. I cannot even count how many emailed I get daily that are spam from something I have ‘liked’ or ‘become a fan’ of on facebook. It really makes me feel violated if I don’t sign up to recieve these emails from their company. I know it is a great tool for getting these companies names out there, but if other customers are anything like me, recieving 40 emails a day that I didn’t sign up for is a huge turnoff to me for that company. There has to be a better way to market their ideas, products, or services. Commercials on TV have even gotten out of hand! Just think how much time commercials take up during a 30 min TV show?! It is just insane!


TOW Week Five


July 11, 2010

Richard, great point. After posting this I have had many great points brought to my attention about the importance of Tweeting 🙂 I did help you find my blog and it does connect the world in a matter of seconds. This including the business world. Which is a mucho important aspect in networking especially for the wonderful world of public relations. I agree with you. Twitter in my mind should be used as more of a business tool and Facebook should be kept more ‘social’ instead of more business focused. This would really help with the distinction betweent the two. If I’m on Twitter doing business or work, I’m not interested in what whomever ate for dinner that night! 🙂 Thanks for your insight though, and again, very glad you found me through Twitter! 🙂


PR Connections 3


July 12, 2010

This whole situation makes me sick. I mean how many days has it been now?!! Whatever the actually number it is just way too many! You think with this many people working on it that we would have a solution by now. I mean we can put a man on the moon but not plug and oil leak?! Does that sound absurd to anyone else? I also loved hearing that the CEO of BP took a ‘vacation’ while all of this was going on and went to Engaland for a yachting trip in there not so infested oil filled water. What the heck?! I do have to say though one of my favorite solutions was posted on my friends facebook status the other day…”why not just use Joran Van Der slout’s body to plug up the leak? 2 problems solved right there


Twilight Eclipse


It is so interesting to me that you wrote about these movies as one of your PR Connections. I think it definitely applies to our class of public relations. I think I am the only person in America besides my fiancee who haven’t read, watched, or even really know what the chaos is all about! I have been so busy last spring and this summer trying to finish up with school to get married in December that I haven’t even had time to read for fun 😦 I have heard though that I should read the books first before watching the movies. Which did you do first? I’m not big into vampires either but everyone I talk too says it is more about the love story and not really the science fiction part of it, so hopefully I will enjoy that! All the marketing and PR for the movies and books have been so intense, I’m sure the company in charge is making a killing from thier cut alone! So here’s my question to you….are you team Jacob or team Edward?! 🙂